Regional Priorities

Knowing and understanding the challenges that face the Loddon Murray region will help us build a plan to best support our communities and achieve our Vision.  The new Loddon Mallee Regional Strategic Plan (2015-2018) outlines five aspirations for our region which we share:

  • A diverse and robust economy
  • Thriving and sustainable agriculture
  • Prosperous, connected and resilient communities
  • Vibrant regional cities and centres
  • Enhanced natural/cultural heritage.

To view a copy of the Loddon Mallee Regional Strategic Plan, click here.

Through our work and knowledge of the region we identify its key challenges as:

  • Geographic differences between our rural and regional communities
  • The diversity of economic and social settings
  • The mix of settlements from large regional cities to small townships with very different needs
  • The impact of demographic change with ageing populations and population changes
  • The impact of changing climate and water supply on farming communities and our regional economy
  • A gap between the region’s workforce skills and emerging industries

We identify the region’s key opportunities as:

  • Adaption to new agricultural conditions and products
  • New and growing industries, eg. renewable energy, health services, tourism
  • Small town renewal and tree change
  • Improved transport connectivity between major centres and Melbourne
  • Growth of service economy in Bendigo and larger centres to improve access and range of support for smaller communities.