Regional Community Leaders Convention

The Regional Community Leaders Convention held in Bendigo on Friday 20th April bought together a wide range of expert speakers to share their insights and stories around the themes of clarity, courage, influence and legacy in community leadership. Topics covered during the convention included functional regional economy, leading the global village, smart technology for regional communities, driving positive change in communities and authentic leadership.




What do you mean – Be authentic? – Find out more in Violet Dhu’s blog

Learn more about Functional Regional Economies – View Nathan Carkeek’s slides


Hear more from Moustafa – Watch the clip – Light at the end




Leading the global village – view Martin Szakal’s Slides

What are the future advances – find out more about smart cities – view Leah Sertori’s slides


Other Useful Resources

The Sandbox Project – Canada

The Sandbox Project works to unite and guide the many groups and individuals operating within a sector by providing a forum in which diverse stakeholders can work together.

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Smart Cities

To succeed in the 21st Century economy our cities need to be productive and accessible, but they also need to be liveable. Great cities attract talent and investment – they encourage innovation and create jobs and growth.

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This project is supported by a grant from the Australian Government through the Building Better Regions Fund