LGBTI Advocacy Organisation Board

 Position Title: Board Member, LGBTI Advocacy Organisation (yet to be named)
Position Term: 2 year appointment
Location: This is a regional organisation. It is recommended the organisation cover the Loddon Murray Region, (to be resolved by the Board.)
Remuneration: This is a voluntary role with very limited reimbursement of expenses
Start Date: August 2018

What is the LGBTI Advocacy Organisation?

The nature of the organisation (association, company etc.) is not known at this stage. As the LGBTI Advocacy Organisation is a new organisation, the structure will be determined by the new Board in accordance with the best model to serve the organisation’s purpose.

The overarching purpose of the LGBTI Advocacy Organisation is to convene community purpose, vision and dialogue to identify the needs and interests of the LGBTI community in relation to representation, social connection and advocacy. It will also strengthen and build governance, compliance, financial and leadership skills among LGBTI community across the Loddon Murray Region.

The organisation needs a clear vision and a solid road map of how to get there, with strong and skilled leadership to ensure goals are achieved.

Seven objectives have been identified as an initial strategy to build the capability and capacity of the organisation, including:

  1. Develop clear vision and direction for the organisation
  2. Develop a 5-year strategy annual action plan for the first two years
  3. Build the organisation’s brand and identity
  4. Develop leadership capacity and capability with the LGBTI community (leadership retreat)
  5. Recruit participants for the leadership retreat
  6. Cultivate partnerships
  7. Measure performance to facilitate ongoing learning

As this is a new organisation, the first few meetings will take the form of workshops. The workshops will assist to develop the skills needed including governance, strategy, finance, brand development etc. These workshops will also facilitate building and establishing the organisation.


Board Information and Nomination Form

To find out more about the board positions download the Position Description here.

Download word version here

How to Apply

Candidates are invited to apply using the nomination form provided and sending this to the Returning Officer- Leah Sertori before 5 pm on Friday 20th July 2018.

For more information in relation to this position, please contact

Leah Sertori  –  LEAD Loddon Murray

[email protected], PH: 0437 334 057

Harry McAnulty – FAB CV

[email protected], PH: 0431 157 684