Growth through Giving, 21 years of Leaders in Action

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Amanda Gretgrix, 2014

“Through the development of ‘Bakery on Broadway’ we have been able to create 16 full time positions and many more casual roles for people who previously didn’t have opportunities for skills development or employment. Out-sourcing some pivotal positions has seen Wycheproof become more culturally diverse, adding to the richness of our town”

Elaine Hamilton, 2014

“I have taken on leadership roles in sporting clubs as well as service clubs but I think my strongest contribution has been to encourage others, especially young people, to grow their leadership skills and dare greatly in their lives



Leanne Willis, 2014

“Volunteering in the disability community and within organisations allows me to give back to a community that has given a lot to me over the years”





Meggs Hannes, 2004

“My confidence gathered rapidly over the duration of the program and I went on to become more active in local politics and social activity. The biggest impact was of having the experience of feeling as though I had a voice that mattered in the wider community.  Through listening to others and being a part of the region, I could see how the power of community could work to create the change that we would like to see”

Sharon Scott, 2013

“I advocate about volunteerism, so that people understand how great it feels to volunteer . Being a volunteer will assist people to gain new skills, feel more positive about themselves, enable them to create new friendships and genuinely make a huge difference within community”

Yvonne Wrigglesworth, 2013

The inspiration to run for Council was a significant part of my journey following my LMCLP year.  After graduating, I immediately nominated for the CLLM Board of Directors as I was keen to see how my significant governance experience to add value to an organisation making such a contribution to leadership across a region”

Chris Jeffery, 2016

“Shortly after completing the program I was elected Councillor first in a four seat ward at Swan Hill Rural City Council. I’m now in my second year of Council and really starting to make head way in better decisions and outcomes for the community”


Jac Torress-Gomes, 2017

“I have stepped up to be President of Bike Bendigo, and also learnt that I am worthy and can do this role.  I have also become involved in other community groups that I am interested in including a local choir and a local soccer club”




Luke Spielvogel, 2015

“It really demonstrated that we really need to play an active role in bringing about the change we want to see. It really is the only way it happens. If not me then who, and if not now then when?”




Moustafa Al-Rawi, 2017

“As a refugee, someone who is an outsider you always seek the formula to blend in,  LMCLP has given me a safe place a testing ground to be myself I no longer want to blend in instead I want to shine, to show case what I stand for,  I have a lot to offer and that alone make me a valuable contributor  to the wider community” 



Stephen Dickons, 2015

“The Program has taught me to step up and be confident in my voice, it has given me the tools and the know-how to help out in the community. I have gained leadership skills, self-confidence, networking and a understanding of community needs in the surrounding area and region”

Colleen Condliffe, 1998

“After doing the program I entered into Local Government as a Loddon Shire Councillor. That gave me the opportunity to be able to challenge issues, which affected the community. I am still a Councillor and very active in many areas in our community”

Kim Hanlon, 2010

“I am the Manager at the Inglewood Neighbourhood House, and a Director and Company Secretary of the Inglewood & Districts Community Enterprises Limited and the Secretary of the Inglewood Development & Tourism Committee. I’m very focused on the growth and sustainability of our small rural town”


Martin Szakal, 2003

“I have taken on roles that are deeply embedded within the community. These roles determine that I must show leadership across agribusiness, economic development, tourism, community development, education, international engagement and many other elements”


Paul Kooperman, 2016

“I’m more grounded in regional Victoria and working in regional communities with a greater understanding of the challenges the communities and people face. I’m better equipped to have conversations and turn ideas into actions which then lead to positive outcomes for regional communities”




Tracey Wolsley, 2011

The networks that were developed through participating in the program were immensely invaluable when it came to doing what I was doing, which was working in the community and with the community following the Black Saturday fires”

Djallarna Hamilton, 2017

“I have taken on many community projects that aim to benefit our community such as Healthy Lifestyle Programs and the Koorie Youth Girls Focus Group. I feel it is very important that I make a positive impact on my local community particularly in the Aboriginal community, to be a role model and a leader”

Jay Smith, 2013

“I’m trying to address the impacts of human-induced climate change and prevent further damage to our precious environment. Young people in my community are concerned about the impacts that climate change




Matthew Hawken, 2008

“My major focus has been on providing similar opportunities, predominantly with a sporting focus, to people in rural communities that those in the cities or major centres are readily exposed to”




Rick Raftis, 2016

“I continue to advocate for people with mental health issues to get better services in our area and to raise the profile of mental health and suicide prevention”






Yvonne Jennings, 1998
“I just grin with pride and awe, and I get very emotional as I see graduates of this program working the room, speaking up and out, – it’s like watching the teenagers you have helped to shape and form, influence and grow, taking  over to keep our region strong and thriving”

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