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CLLM has changed it’s name to LEAD Loddon Murray

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Empowering and inspiring leadership for vibrant and sustainable rural and regional communities

At LEAD Loddon Murray we provide communities with the confidence and knowledge to be strong and lead themselves. Communities know themselves best. Therefore when they identify and solve an issue themselves, the results are deeper, and more effective and sustainable.

We support people to learn rather than just give solutions to a problem. LEAD Loddon Murray enhances leadership in individuals and groups by building relationships, developing skills, raising awareness and demonstrating great leadership.

To us, a community is where people live, work, play and study. People in these communities have a strong sense of belonging. We celebrate our diversity by welcoming and supporting each other. We feel excited and empowered to contribute to a prosperous region. Our communities are agile and respond to our own changing needs by creating opportunities and offering solutions. We are the key to our own success.

Making a difference is important to us.

LGBTI Advocacy Organisation Board Nominations

Applications now open for people wanting to be involved in the new LGBTI organisation. visit the webpage to find out more…

LEAD Loddon Murray Board Nominations now open

LMCLP Innovative Communities – Bendigo Program







June 29 – LGBTI Project Launch

September 21 Combined Program Day






The Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program (facilitated by CLLM) is one of 10 regional community leadership programs operating across rural & regional Victoria.  For more information, visit Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs.

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